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Muscular System

Did you know that there are more than 600 named muscles in the human body? About 40 percent of a person’s body weight is muscle. Discover more fascinating facts in Muscular System, a title in the Body Systems series. Each title in Body Systems guides readers through the fascinating inner workings of the human body. The human body contains several complex systems that work closely together to support life and allow the body to function properly. Each book explores the characteristics and interactions of these systems, their makeup, and their importance. This is an AV2 media enhanced book. A unique book code printed on page 2 unlocks multimedia content that brings the book to life. This book comes alive with audio, video, weblinks, slideshows, activities, quizzes, and much more.

Science | 32 pages | Interest Level 5–8 | Reading Level 5 | Trim 7.5 x 10”

HC ISBN 9781489699268

SC ISBN 9781489699275

eBook ISBN 9781489699282


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